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Bed Bug Control in New Jersey

Bed bug infestations are becoming a common problem for New Jersey residents. In the past, the pests were associated with crowded and dilapidated living conditions. However, the bugs no longer limit themselves to these types of places. Today, bed bugs frequently move into the cleanest of homes. They’re even found in high-rise apartment buildings and five-star hotels. While a bed bug infestation is a disturbing event, at CU Later Bugs, we can treat them. We use natural treatments to exterminate bed bugs quickly and thoroughly.

Signs That You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are adept hiders, but they leave signs of their presence behind. This may include shed exoskeletons, skins or shells. The pests also leave fecal stains on your bedding and mattress in addition to blood stains on your pajamas and sheets.

Bites are another bed bug sign. But, keep in mind that bed bug bites look similar to flea and mosquito bites. When bed bugs bite you, they may cause raised, red welts. Their bites may also be in a straight line. Bites that burn and itch could be from bed bugs as could a rash that shows up along a localized area.

Bed bugs feed on human and animal blood. Because they do, the pests prefer to stay close to their host. If you suspect a bed bug infestation, look for them in your box springs, headboard and bedframe. Bed bugs may also move into furniture pieces as well as fixtures that you may have near your bed. The insects even hide in sofas and recliners, so check these furniture pieces for bugs as well.

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are hard to get rid of because they hide in places that you wouldn’t expect. The bugs also hide their eggs effectively. Professional pest control companies use a variety of techniques to treat bed bug infestations. At CU Later Bugs, we use natural treatment methods like heat to get rid of the insects.

When it comes to pest control, heat is used in several ways. To treat your home for bed bugs with heat, a professional pest control company will heat the interior of the structure to at least 117 degrees Fahrenheit. Every area of the space will need to reach this temperature or higher to kill the bugs, so it must extend to the inside of your home’s walls as well as to any cracks or crevices.

Steam is another heat option that eliminates bed bugs, eggs and larvae. When pest control companies use steam, they apply the intense heat to bed frames, box springs, blankets, curtains and even pillows without damaging them.

When to Call a Professional Pest Extermination Company

While you can handle some bug infestations yourself, bed bugs are one that should be dealt with by professionals. When you call the experts, natural treatment techniques like heat can be used to get rid of them, keeping chemicals out of your home. CU Later Bugs has the technicians and equipment to solve your pest problems. Call us today for a FREE Service Quote.